Yet another travel photography site?

Yes, and no. Another, maybe different one.
This is still WORK IN PROGRESS. The content is updated whenever my time allows me to do this.

Travel or Tourism?

Travel. I’m not linked to tourism in any way. A quotation explains the differences quite good.
“Traveling to a foreign land gives you a glimpse of its character. That’s a given. There’s a world of distinction, however, between being a tourist and being a traveler. The tourist experience is superficial. You poke around the edges of the place. Visit the gift shop. Bring home a T-shirt. The traveler develops a much deeper connection with his new surroundings. The traveler is more invested, stays longer, chooses his own destinations, make his own plans, absorbs something of the place. The traveler, ultimately, is changed by his travels. Changed for a lifetime. Brings back lasting memories and a inner richness.

Just images, isn’t this superficial?

Depends on the view. Naturally every place has deserved a more extensive in-depth view, more room, more time. There is no intention to give comprehensive information for each place – this can be easily gained from a variety of other well known and quite good sources like LonelyPlanet or some of these and many other private websites.
Why not just enjoy the pictures?


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